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A Chaining Breakthrough!

To further steal the great foundation of jQuery method chaining, I have realized a way to use a “back” function that will regress backward through the chained functions and return the last object that was manipulated. Wow, that makes it sound confusing but it is not. Imagine the following chained code. Previously this would have […]

My First Statement

Well I have managed to create a simple SELECT statement. It is cumbersome at best and follows along the process flow introduced in the last post, “Select Statement“. I show this only to demonstrate the foundation of how the statement is ultimately put together. You will notice that each class is initiated using a “create” […]

SELECT Statement

Let us break down the simplest of statements, the SELECT statement. I will try to walk through the process of creating the following: “SELECT column FROM table WHERE column = value;”. ┬áThis will be the “long” way of doing it, by explicitly creating each instance of the statement components. In the end, I wish to […]

Statement Types

I can now determine each SQL statement type that I want to build. Each type will be represented by a class, each extending the abstract sqlStatement class. These classes will be made up of multiple instances of sqlRelationship and sqlComponent classes. The statement classes will verify each object passed to determine if it “fits” within […]